Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is an approach we use to help patients who struggle with visiting the dental office or just want to be more relaxed for their dental appointment or for longer procedures. Whether you have a dental phobia, or always find it too hard to relax in the dental chair, or you are worried or anxious about a certain procedure, sedation can help you have a less stressful experience. Dental sedation can be done in a few different ways, depending on what’s best for the patient.

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Sedation Dentistry Santa Rosa

Stress-Free Dental Work With Sedation.

Dental sedation creates a relaxed, calm experience for the patient, allowing them to stay conscious but stress-free during treatment. 

Ease Long Appointments

When a patient has a lot of dental work scheduled, sedation can help make it easier to get through complex or longer procedures with less stress. Being sedated makes it possible to do more work in one appointment.

Remove Obstacles to Care

Anxiety about dental work is common, and it’s also common for patients to delay or avoid needed dental care because of it. Sedation offers a way to beat the dental anxiety and get the care you need – don’t let fear get in the way of your good health.

With sedation, you can relax at the dentist.

The team at Dr. McCormick’s office is always looking for ways to help our patients be more comfortable during their dental visit. We work to create a comforting, friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the office, and are always here to answer questions or address patient concerns. One of the ways we help our patients have an easier time with dental treatment is by using sedation dentistry in Santa Rosa.

Sedation dentistry is an area of dentistry that can include various techniques for relaxation and sedation. Dr. McCormick uses a variety of methods, including oral sedation, hypnosis, and nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to help patients relax and decrease their stress levels. One or more of these methods can be combined with local anesthetic to give you a pain-free, stress-free dental experience.

Benefits of sedation dentistry:

It’s common for patients to feel anxiety, fear, worry and stress, sometimes to extreme levels, about or during dental procedures. Sometimes, this can hinder our ability to provide good dental care, and prevent patients from getting needed dental work done. Sedation offers these patients a way to relax in the dentist’s chair and get the care they need. Other patients can benefit from sedation too, including those with a fear of needles and those with strong gag reflexes.

It’s also a great help for long or complicated procedures, which otherwise may not be able to be completed in a single visit. Sedation for time-consuming procedures lets us get more dental work done at once, while the patient is able to sit or lie still throughout.