About Us:

All of us at Doc Mac’s dental office feel it is important to bring total health to the
forefront of our patient’s minds. A patient is not just a set of teeth but people we care about and want to see thrive in life. Each of us has a deep passion for helping people in all aspects of life – socially, emotionally, personally, and health wise.

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Our Mission:

Our team has made a commitment to continually educate ourselves in oral systemic links and treatment options which we can pass on to our patients.

We understand that an aesthetically beautiful smile can change a person’s life by giving them the confidence needed to play an active role in their social lives, careers, and communities.

We recognize how proper breathing, especially during sleep, affects things such as posture, fatigue, and pain.

There are many people who are living with inflammation and infection that may be contributing to chronic disease and even life-threatening conditions. We realize that we may be the only ones with the opportunity to identify these
problems and give our patients recommendations on ways to improve their overall health.

Our Team:

Dr. Andrew McCormick