Smart Moves Orthodontics

The Smart Moves teeth straightening system offers a quick, comfortable and efficient way to transform crooked or misaligned teeth into a straight, even, beautiful smile. With continual dental professional oversight and a personalized treatment plan, Smart Moves is a proven straightening solution.

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Invisible Braces in Santa Rosa

Smart Moves is Made Out of Clear Plastic.

This simple treatment consists of a series of clear trays that gradually straighten teeth over a period of several months. It corrects crooked, misaligned, crowded and gapped teeth without braces.

Corrects Many Simple Orthodontic Issues

Smart Moves works for teenagers and adults of any age who want to have straighter teeth. Whether you’ve already had braces or never did, this treatment corrects all kinds of minor tooth alignment issues and ensures you can keep your smile straight and even.

Custom-Made for You