Considering Invisible Braces? Here are the Differences Between Smart Moves and Invisalign

Smart Moves vs Invisalign

If you’re feeling self-conscious about crooked teeth or a misaligned smile, correction with braces is still considered the gold standard. But although traditional braces still have merit, there are less invasive, less visible options with invisible braces. When considering getting invisible braces, two of the most popular clear braces systems are Smart Moves and Invisalign. 

Both Smart Moves and Invisalign have multiple benefits for patients and work similarly to correct crooked or crowded teeth, but there are differences between the two systems that can make one a more appropriate choice over the other. 

What are the Differences Between Smart Moves and Invisalign?

As both Smart Moves and Invisalign clear braces systems use a series of clear, plastic retainers to gradually move teeth and can be a nearly invisible, more comfortable and easier maintenance alternative to traditional braces, many assume that these invisible braces are the same. If the end result of both systems is to get straighter teeth, won’t either system do the trick?

Some of the key differences are:

  • The clear retainers. Invisalign uses a series of plastic trays that are the same type of material throughout the treatment process. Smart Moves begins with soft, flexible retainers that allow you to comfortably adjust to wearing an invisible braces system. During the course of treatment, you will switch to harder plastic aligners to help stabilize the movement of your teeth, with the very last tray serving as a sleep retainer. 
  • The treatment time. Smart Moves has been shown to effectively straighten teeth in as little as six months for some patients while Invisalign is often a longer process to achieve optimal results. 
  • The cost. Depending on the amount of time you need to wear your invisible braces to get the maximum effect, one system may be less expensive than the other. 

Which Invisible Braces Option is Right for Me?

There’s a lot to know about invisible braces, but here’s the good news – you don’t have to choose a system on your own. Both adults and teenagers who have completed their major jaw and tooth developments can be candidates for Smart Moves, and Dr. Andrew McCormick is highly trained in invisible braces and can help you choose the braces system that’s right for you. Dr. McCormick has been using the Smart Moves invisible braces system for many years and well-versed on its effectiveness. He is also one of only 350 dentists worldwide who is accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, ensuring that his experience and skill will help you bring your best smile forward. Your treatment plan will be completely customized to your individual needs, and Dr. McCormick and our staff will be here every step of the way during your treatment process to make sure you get results that you’re happy with.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. McCormick and find out more about Smart Moves vs Invisalign for your smile correction.

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