Dental Emergencies

In a dental emergency, you want experienced treatment quickly. Dr. McCormick has been treating dental injuries for many years and encourages anyone in an emergency situation to call our office promptly.

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Dealing with a dental emergency

When you have a dental emergency, you need advice and treatment right away. Whether it’s a surprise toothache, a broken tooth, oral trauma, or unexplained mouth pain, we encourage you to call us promptly. Dr. McCormick has many years of experience in treating dental emergencies, and you don’t have to be an existing patient to come see us. We’re here to make sure that both your immediate and long-term oral health are taken care of, no matter what the issue.

What you should know

Dental emergencies can be both frightening and painful for patients. In almost every emergency situation, prompt treatment is necessary to both alleviate the pain, and to ensure that your teeth have the best possible chance of survival. Untreated dental trauma or infection are very likely to lead to loss of the teeth, and the pain caused by such situations only worsens without treatment.

Sometimes, teeth become fractured by immediate trauma, but they also can develop breaks and cracks after long-term grinding or biting on hard objects. In other cases, fillings, crowns, or other restorative dental work can break, crack or fall out of the mouth completely. If that happens to you, it’s vital to come in and get them replaced with new dental work. Ignoring such dental problems can cause serious issues and even jeopardize your physical health in the long run.

If you are in severe pain, that’s a clear signal to contact the dentist immediately. Tooth pain doesn’t resolve itself without treatment in the vast majority of cases, and even if it does, there are likely to be lasting related dental issues. Please call our office if you are dealing with a dental emergency or have any questions about an unexpected dental problem.

Tips for dealing with a dental emergency before you get into our office

If you’re currently having a dental emergency, we’ve put together a list of first aid tips for dental emergencies to help preserve your teeth and alleviate pain before you arrive at our office. 

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Dr. Andrew T. McCormick is a native Californian, originally from Monterey County. He went to US Santa Barbara (Biological Science Degree) And USC School of Dentistry. Dr. McCormick opened his Santa Rosa dental practice at the end of 1985. His passion for continuing education ensures that the technological advancements being made in the field of dentistry are available to all his patients. Some of the latest advancements, such as laser treatment, implants and new cosmetic procedures, are used in his practice daily. Learning more about the connection between dentistry, medicine, and medications and environmental toxins is of particular interest to him because he sees the effects of these in his patients.

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