Laser Dentistry

We use a dental laser for several types of treatment, like detecting tooth decay or cavities, treating gum disease or canker sores, and reshaping gums without traditional surgery. Laser technology is less invasive, and enables us to perform more effective procedures and shorten treatment and recovery times.

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Laser Dentistry in Santa Rosa

No-Cut, No-Stitch Treatment.

Using a laser for dental surgical procedures means we can avoid traditional scalpels and sutures. Instead, the laser simply removes damaged or diseased tissue, and even boosts healing and kills bacteria in the mouth.

Treat Gum Disease Without Osseous Surgery.

Laser-assisted gum disease treatment is not only effective, it’s quicker, minimally invasive, and offers better recovery times and outcomes. Talk with us about this improved method for treating periodontitis.

A Mix of Experience and Advanced Technology.

While lasers are at the forefront of dental technology, Dr. McCormick has also been using them in his practice for more than 15 years, and stays current on the latest research and applications in laser dentistry. His experience means patients can be confident in choosing laser treatment.

Benefits of laser dentistry

Laser dentistry can be a less invasive method of treating several dental issues. For instance, laser-assisted gum disease treatment helps to control periodontitis, or severe gum disease, by eliminating pockets of plaque and infection at the roots of the teeth. This is a treatment that previously would need to be done by cutting into the gums and cleaning out such pockets surgically. Laser treatment relieves some dental anxiety as it is easier for both the patient and the dentist, and can be done more quickly, with better recovery times.

Using a laser also allows for differential treatment between healthy tissue and diseased tissue very precisely, which improves his ability to treat issues like cavities, infections and gum disease without harming healthy tissue. Damaged tissue shows up much darker under the light used in laser dentistry, and absorbs more of the laser light, so this characteristic allows us to effectively treat canker sores and other soft tissue procedures. Laser treatment also reduces bacteria on the teeth and surrounding tissues, helping the healing process and preventing infection.

Helping support healthy gums

Laser gum care, whether we’re treating gum disease or reshaping the gum line, means the patient can enjoy less discomfort, a quick recovery and a boosted healing process. Since the laser replaces the scalpels and sutures we might otherwise use, gum tissue heals faster. In fact, the light used in our dental lasers is shown to stimulate the tissue for better blood flow and subsequent healing afterward.

When we’re performing laser-assisted gum disease treatment, the light stimulation also helps new, healthy gum tissue form around the teeth, replacing damaged tissue and helping to re-attaching the gums where they’ve pulled away from the teeth. This means a better recovery from gum disease and less chance for recurrence in the future.

Lasers for gum re