Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great tooth replacement option. They are used to replace a missing tooth and restore your appearance and confidence, while giving you the ability to speak and eat naturally. They can also support a denture and dental bridge and increase comfort while reducing the potential for bone loss. Implants consist of a metal anchor (implant post) that serves as a substitute for the missing root, and a replacement tooth that fits over the anchor, matching your natural tooth. There are a lot of positives with dental implants, including: improving your quality of life, your comfort, and your confidence. They can also improve your overall dental health, preventing the bone loss that can accompany missing teeth, and restoring facial structure.

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Dental Implants in Santa Rosa

Dental Implants are Permanent.

Implants are a way to replace missing teeth lost due to decay, gum disease or accidents and are a permanent, solid alternative to treatments like dentures.

Feel & Function Like Natural Teeth.

A common consequence of missing teeth is impaired chewing and biting. Dental implants offer strength and stability to replacement teeth and with proper care, can last for many years, allowing you to eat all the foods you love.

Implants can Improve Your Appearance.

Dental implants let us give our patients beautiful, new replacement teeth that match your natural tooth color and shape exactly. It’ll look like you were never missing a tooth when the implant process is done, and allow you to smile, laugh and stop hiding your missing teeth.

Why Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the latest and often most effective solution to missing teeth. Teeth can be lost in many ways, whether it’s tooth decay, gum disease, accident, trauma, failed root canal, or other dental issues. Implants can help replace tooth loss and restore both the beauty of your smile and the function of your teeth and bite. They have a great track record and are long-lived and effective when compared to older methods of replacing teeth, such as bridges and dentures.

What Are Dental Implants?

Implants are metal posts that anchor in and bond with your jawbone, similar to the roots of your natural teeth. They provide a strong, stable base for replacement teeth, which may be fixed or removable, depending on a patient’s needs. With an excellent success rate of over 95 percent, dental implants can