What is an AACD Accredited Dentist?

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What is an AACD Accredited Dentist?

One of the things that sets Dr. Andrew McCormick apart from other dentists is a drive for continued excellence and education in the dental field. In his practice, he focuses on making the latest technological advancements in dentistry available to his patients, digital scanning, leading-edge implants and new cosmetic procedures. Dr. McCormick also has a passion for continuing his own education and growing professionally, and has pursued learning opportunities wherever he could. 

As part of that approach to dentistry, he’s one of 350 dentists worldwide to be an accredited member of the AACD, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dr. McCormick first joined the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in 1997, and became an accredited member in 2010, after putting in extensive work to achieve mastery in the fields of cosmetic and rehabilitative dentistry. The accreditation process for AACD involves written and oral examinations, as well as presenting clinical case studies that show the dentist’s expertise in cosmetic dentistry. Those who achieve accreditation have proven they have reached professional standards of excellence in their fields. 

AACD accreditation also means Dr. McCormick has put in the time to advance his training through the AACD, and maintains his knowledge of cosmetic dentistry by completing continuing education requirements on a regular basis.

The AACD calls those who have completed their credentialing program among the top cosmetic dentists in the world, having demonstrated a very high level of clinical skill and ability. Dr. McCormick’s patients can be assured they are in good hands with an expert in a wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures and treatments.

The American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry oversees the AACD and ensures the accreditation process and examinations serve to maintain the high standard of excellence that AACD credentials represent.

In addition, Dr. McCormick has also been a past president of the Academy of Cosmetic and Adhesive Dentistry, and has applied his knowledge by assisting in courses for other dentists to advance in their professions. 

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