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Smart Moves - Simple Orthodontics

Smart Moves is a simple approach to straight teeth. Is it right for you?

Smart Moves Orthodontics

Were you lucky enough to not need braces as a teen, but now your teeth are beginning to move out of place and become crowded? Did you have braces when you were younger that straightened your teeth, but now your teeth are starting to shift? Dr. McCormick offers a form of simple orthodontics for those needing to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth called Smart Moves.

How does Smart Moves Work?

Smart Moves is a custom-made series of clear trays that work to move teeth into their desired position. These trays progressively move your teeth without the need for braces! The typical treatment involves between two and six trays.  This is intended for minor tooth movements and it is efficient and practical for busy people.  The last tray is then used as a retainer while you sleep at night to keep your smile beautiful and straight!

What are some of the benefits of Smart Moves?

• Cost effective way to quickly straighten your misaligned or crooked teeth
• Trays are clear and inconspicuous
• Trays are removable allowing for easy cleaning of the trays and your teeth
• Made of a comfortable clear material

How quickly does this system straighten teeth?

This varies from patient to patient, but treatment general takes just six months.

How do I know if this system is right for me?

Dr. McCormick can evaluate your case and let you know if Smart Moves is the best option for you. If not, he can refer you to a trusted specialist.

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