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Dental Emergencies

Dr. McCormick has many years of experience in treating dental emergencies, we encourage you to call us at (707) 583-9263 for treatment or advice should a problem develop.

We take care of toothaches, cracked teeth and other surprise dental problems that come up for people when they are not expecting them. 

What do I need to know if I have a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies can be quite frightening and are often painful. Prompt treatment is almost always required to alleviate pain and to ensure the teeth have the best possible chance of survival.

Sometimes, teeth become fractured by trauma, grinding, or biting on hard objects. In other cases, fillings, crowns, and other restorative devices can be damaged or fall out of the mouth completely. If there is severe pain, it is essential to contact our office immediately. The pain caused by dental emergencies almost always gets worse without treatment and dental issues can seriously jeopardize physical health.

Please call our office at (707) 583-9263 if you experience a dental emergency or have any questions.  

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